In yet another bold move to keep fulfilling his electioneering campaign promises towards the regular payment of gratuities, the prioritization of the welfare of civil servants in the state, and the passionate commitment to the development of a highly educated and skilled populace, which is a focal point of the Arise Agenda, Governor Umo Eno has authorized the immediate release of the sum of 4.755 billion Naira, in pursuit of the above goals.

The breakdown of the release of these funds, which will help cushion the effect of the current harsh economic situation, is as follows:

  • 2.3 billion Naira for the payment of gratuities for retired state civil servants, retired primary school teachers, and retired local government workers.
  • 1.1 billion Naira for the one-off payment of Wardrobe Allowance for twenty thousand, three hundred and forty-five (20,345) public primary school, technical college, and secondary school teachers.
  • 1billion Naira for the payment of bonuses (twenty thousand Naira) to each of the 52 thousand public service workers, as announced by the Governor during the recently concluded Public Service Week events.

The Governor has also released the sum of 79 million Naira for the award of full scholarships for four Akwa Ibom indigenes who were recently granted admission to study the Standard Pilot Course and Standard Air Traffic Control Course at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria.

Additionally, 104 million Naira has been released as the first tranche payment of the 2024 primary school teachers’ Leave Grant, and 172 million Naira as a severance gratuity package for Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of local government councils who served from 2018-2022.

The release of these funds further deepens the compassionate bonafides of Governor Eno towards the downtrodden, which he had promised to champion.

The construction of Arise Compassionate Homes throughout the state, which he is currently being celebrated for, the monthly 50 thousand Naira palliative for elderly care throughout the state, the free medical outreach programmes he has been funding, the Arise Free Food Voucher programme executed under the Bulk Purchase Agency, the 2 billion Naira interest-free loans to traders as well as Arewa, Yoruba, Igbo and Niger Delta communities in the state, the 500 thousand Naira grant given to each of the over 800 budding entrepreneurs under the IBOM-LED Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme (EAP), the payment of bursary and other educational grants, among other infusion of funds towards the expansion of soft infrastructure while also executing bold and audacious hard infrastructure, define Governor Eno as a man who has kept faith with his campaign promises.

Ekerete Udoh
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor
June 27, 2024

One Reply to “Gov Umo Eno Releases 4.755 Billion Naira for Payment of Gratuities, Bonus for Civil Servants, Wardrobe Allowance, Others.”

  1. Mike Samson 3 weeks ago

    Good. But beside soft infrastructure, the gov should focus on Ibom deep sea port, uncompleted Ibeno-Eket Road, attracting investments to the state. These are solid infrastructure that would outlive his administration

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