Our Culture, Our Pride, Quick Facts About Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom Historical Facts

The People , Culture and Potentials

Longest coastline of 129km in the country, with it rich source for a wide variety of fishes and sea foods including catfish, barracuda, blue marlin, squid, sardine, croakers, shrimps, prawns, crabs, crayfish, snappers and oyster, among others.

The State plays host to some multinational companies
and is one of the largest oil-producing States in Nigeria.

Culturally homogenous with a common identity, albeit presence of many spoken local languages.

Industrious, resourceful and hospitable people. Similarities in folklore, songs, dances, foods beliefs and mythology

Occupation of the people including farming , fishing, trading, hunting, woodcraving, raffia works, blacksmithing, pottery , iron works, arts and crafts creation.

Investment opportunities for maritime development
and admiralty matters.

The State holds a promise of exciting and splendid opportunities for leisure, investment and wealth creation.

AKWA IBOM Our Heritage , Our Pride


Akwa Ibom State is accessible by air, land and water.


Akwa Ibom State has a
beautiful landscape and
is endowed with vast
agricultural resources,
solid minerals, oil and gas.


Its abundant resources
provide opportunities for
varied investments.

Cultural Diversity

Akwa Ibom State is rich in
culture, arts and crafts,
which provide fascinating
experiences for tourists.


Akwa Ibom is the
only Nigerian State
that owns and operates
a commercial airline.

Oil & Gas

Akwa Ibom state is the
largest oil producing and
revenue contributor to
Nigeria’s economy.


Akwa Ibom State is rich
in tourist attractions, such
as Ibeno beach, Bridge of
No Return etc.


Akwa Ibom State
is the cleanest State in
Nigeria, 2019, 2020,2021.
Source: Clean up Nigeria


Akwa Ibom has the longest
coastline in Nigeria,
measuring 129Km from
Oron to Ikot Abasi

Foreign Investment

It’s peaceful and conducive
economic environment
attracts Foreign Direct

Economic Development

Akwa Ibom State is home
of the largest Syringe
Manufacturing company
in Africa.

Sea Foods

Akwa Ibom is rich in wide variety of fishes and sea foods, including Catfish, Barracuda, Squid, Sardine, Croakers, Shrimps, Prawns, Crayfish, etc

Job Creation

Akwa Ibom is host to many industries. Creating Jobs and empoering Citizens.

Wealth Creation

Akwa Ibom is a reservoir of wealth and potentials; it’s like a beautiful bride beckoning on tourists and investors.

About Akwa Ibom