Profile of the State Budget Office

Current Contact Address:  State Budget Office, Governor’s Office Annex  P.M.B.1112, Uyo.

The State Budget office is one of the statutory government offices which supervises budgetary processes of ministries, departments and extra-ministerial departments. The office undertakes the preparation of the State annual fiscal policies (Budget) for many developmental projects. The office is by a Permanent Secretary, a career civil servant, with vast knowledge of state government budgeting and budgetary procedures. The Permanent Secretary of the state Budget office is Pastor Nicolas Ekarika


To expediently and professionally produce Annual, Supplementary, Parastatals and other government agencies financial estimates for the State within the policy thrust and cardinal objectives of Government with the aim to ensuring balanced growth, development and smooth administration of the State in line with the frame work of Akwa Ibom State Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (AK-SEEDS) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s).


To effectively and efficiently prepare, coordinate, monitor, evaluate and facilitate execution of budgetary policies, programmes and activities of Government in the overall interest of the public and in line with global best practices.

Composition of the State Budget Office

The State Budget office comprises of seven directorates with the Permanent Secretary as the administrative head, supervised by the Hon. Commissioner for Finance. The directorates are:

Statutory Functions

Achievments of State Budget Office

History of the State Budget Office

The Budget Office has at various times been supervised by either the Ministry of Finance or the Governor’s Office, depending on the state chief executive’s choice/decision. At state creation in 1987, Budget office was located at No. 78 Oron road. It was then known as Budget Department, headed by a Director of Budget and supervised by the Ministry of Finance. With time, the name was changed to State Budget Office, and upgraded to be headed by a Permanent Secretary. The first Permanent Secretary of the State Budget office was Mr. Umana Okon Umana (1996 – 2003). At present, the State Budget Office is under the Governor’s Office although still supervised by the Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Finance. It has so far been headed by six capable and resourceful officers.

Profile Of Budget Office