Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno has inaugurated the State Executive Council comprising Twenty Three Commissioners and One Special Adviser, with a charge on members to brace up to the new phase of the administration and turn around the economic fortunes of the State.

Inaugurating the new Executive Council members at the Banquet hall, Government House, Uyo, the Governor emphasized that the A. R. I S. E. Agenda blueprint of his administration seeks among other things, to stimulate the rural economy and ensure a turnaround in the rural areas by way of integration and massive development.

“Let me state here very firmly, all political appointees must go back and stimulate rural developments in their respective wards and local government councils. That responsibility starts with you!

“You must work with the people in your respective wards, you must let the people feel the impact of governance.

“Governance starts at the grassroots, you must be a symbol of government in your local government and ward levels, and must engage your people regularly. We will monitor this closely, so please take this very seriously.

He explained that he decided to kickstart the administration with his former colleagues having worked with them and known their capabilities in certain areas, explaining that it would be unfair of him to disparage their sacrifices which culminated in his victory at the gubernatorial poll.

“I have been asked this question severally: “Your Excellency, we had expected to see the injection of new blood into the State EXCO, why are you bringing back the same old blood”?

“My answer has been standard and direct: You do not abandon your foot soldiers shortly after the successful execution of a major contest. I know this ‘old blood’ very well. We went to the battle to continue good governance together, we were in the trenches together; we swatted away the bullets of vicious attacks together, most of you spent long hours traversing the nooks and crannies of this State together with me, most of you took political arrows on my behalf.

“Therefore, it is only fitting, we bring back tested hands with the right experience, and who understand the system, to join us, and work for the continuation of the peace, growth and transformation of our State in line with our ARISE Agenda and the Roadmap, they will soon be presented.

“Today, as Honourable Commissioners, you have a well-distilled and condensed Roadmap to guide you in the execution of the responsibilities of your office.

“You may be old blood, but what you have now, is a new template or execution and Implementation and you are expected to wholly execute all that is within your areas of responsibility as outlined in the Roadmap.

“The timelines and the deliverables are well spelled-out. You were brought back to ensure and facilitate continuity and you must justify this trust we have invested in you”, he said.

Eno urged the Exco members to consider it a priority to invest in the younger generation, assuring his team members that the grace that found him from among them was sufficient for all of them and should become evident in the results of their services to Akwa Ibom people

“Let us work to show the grace to Akwa Ibom people through the results of ensuring food security, massive development in rural areas, expansion of infrastructure and improvement in quality of education in the state.

He announced the creation of Ministry of Internal Security to ensure security for the people and investors and mandated the Ministry to profile the various voluntary security groups in the state for harmonization of operations and purposes.

2 Replies to “Gov Eno inaugurates State EXCO, Charges Members on A.R.I.S.E Agenda Implementation”

  1. The state governor’s speech highlights the importance of unity and collaboration in overcoming challenges and achieving progress. By acknowledging the collective effort in tackling adversities and praising the dedication of the team, the governor emphasizes the significance of experienced individuals in realizing the ARISE Agenda and the Roadmap for the state’s growth and transformation.

    The governor’s call for the Exco members to invest in the younger generation demonstrates a commitment to building a sustainable future. By outlining clear timelines and deliverables in the Roadmap, the agenda sets a structured path for the team’s responsibilities, ensuring accountability and efficient execution.

    Furthermore, the creation of the Ministry of Internal Security reflects a commitment to safeguarding the well-being of the people and fostering a favorable environment for investors. The mandate to harmonize the operations and purposes of various voluntary security groups shows an intention to enhance security measures for the state.

    Overall, the speech seems to convey a sense of purpose and determination in pursuing peace, development, and prosperity for Akwa Ibom people. It stresses the need for a collaborative effort and the responsible execution of tasks to justify the trust placed in the appointed commissioners.

  2. Obed Etim 7 months ago

    I pledge my thanks to the able GOV. H.E Pst Umo Eno, and his able appointees and workers, seeking the best for this great state, i also thank the mass media for bringing up to us, the visuality of what the GOV. has done, not only hearing, and also thank the GOV. for being a compassionate father and a leader, thank him for create the ministry of internal security, i pray GOD, should protect him against all evil, guide him, and give him more money and grace, to take us to the akwa vision GOD has destined to make him enhance…
    Am obed by name a citizen of akwa~abasi ibom state, a computer operator and a personal security guard…

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