Brief Profile of Internal Revenue Service


It is interesting to note that Akwa Ibom State Internal Revenue Services came to being as one of the State Government Extra-Ministerial Agencies in 1987. In accordance with section 85A (I) of the Personnel Income Tax Act 1993 as amended, hereby establish for each state a Board to be known as the “Board of Internal Revenue” (In this Act referred to as ‘the State Board’) whose operational arm shall be known as the State Internal Revenue Service (in this Act referred to as “the State Service”).

Establishment and Composition

Akwa Ibom State Internal Revenue Service is thus a provision of the Personal Income Tax Act of 1993 as amended to date, established to perform the functions as contained in section 85B(I) of the Act. Among such functions include: assessment, collection and accounting for tax so collected to the Government of the State.


To make the best use of available institutional, administrative, technical, technological, financial and human resources to assess, collect and account for revenue in as efficient and effective manner as possible, to achieve optimal results in service delivery and revenue collection performance.


Akwa Ibom State Internal Revenue Service to be one Revenue Authority in Nigeria respected for efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, integrity, excellent customer service and high performance in revenue generation.

Statutory Responsibilties

Directorate of Administration/Supplies

Directorate of Finance and Accounts

Directorate of Assessment

Directorate of Collection

Directorate of Tax Recovery

Directorate of Other State Taxes

Directorate of Road Taxes

Directorate of Planning, Research and Statistics

Statutory Achievements

Internal Revenue