The Akwa Ibom State Scholarships Board, a 3rd class board directly under the Ministry of Education who through the Chief Executive, the Honorable Commissioner represent the Board at the State Exco and Supervises the work of the Board .


The mission and the vision of the Board is entrenched in the mission and vision of the Ministry of Education which as follows;




To raise the literacy rate of our people through the sustenance of free and compulsory education project, and to meet the philosophy of education in Nigeria as enshrined in the National Policy on Education (NPE) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), among others.



To effectively articulate, formulate and co-ordinate the implementation of education policies and programmes through sustained monitoring and evaluation to deliver accessible, affordable and qualitative services for the overall interest and benefit of the citizenry. Service and monitoring of scholarships Board realizes the above through the award, services and monitoring of scholarships, grants and financial assistance to indigenes of the state. The Board also collaborates with the Federal Government, Private Donor Agencies and organizations to facilitate other scholarships like Common Wealth, Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited (“Star”) Agbami Scholarship, the Bilateral Education Awards (BEA), Deprived Bright Students Scholarship among others.

Statutory Responsibilities:

The following are the responsibilities of the Akwa Ibom State Scholarships Board.

  1. Advises government on scholarship policies and programmes.
  2. Receives and considers applications for award of scholarship to deserving applicants.
  3. Gives grants and financial assistance to deserving applicants undertaking academic work in fields of study relevant to the state manpower needs
  4. Advises student on careers and facilities available for Higher Education within and outside Nigeria.
  5.  Monitors all student beneficiaries of Government Financial Assistance both at home and abroad in order to ensure that such financial assistance is utilized for the course or discipline for which the assistance was sought.
  6. Carry out any other functions that are relevant to the needs of the Board.



The Akwa Ibom State Scholarships Board has impacted positively on the lives of the Indegenes of the State by alleviating the financial burden of self-sponsored students, parents and guardians since its inception in the year 2000. These include;

1.  up –to-date payment of NECO/WASSCE Examination Registration fees to indigenes and non-indegenes in the state.


2. Payment of Law school and supply laptop computers to student of  Nigerian Law School up to 2011/2012.


3. Medical Grant which is paid to students studying Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria universities has been receiving government’s regular attention up to 2010/2011.


4. up to 2012/2013, physically challenged Scholarship, usually an automatic scholarship award to students living with disabilities in tertiary institutions has been paid.


5. Students of some deceased Civil Servant as well as those who excelled in National and international Competitions have been paid up to 2010/2011.


Special Scholarship

  1. The 1st back of 30 out of 150 ICT students approved for training in India are currently undergoing their programmes and are due to graduate at the end of 2015.


     2. French language Immersion programme, a one year compulsory course abroad for students studying                    French language in Nigeria universities has been approved up to 2013 but awaiting release of funds.








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