State Auditor General


The Office of the State Auditor General is one of the statutory government offices in the state. The office came into existence with state creation on 23rd September, 1987. At the helms of affairs of the office, is the State Auditor General. The current State Auditor General is Dr. Monday Daniel Akpan, FNIM.


Location: The office of the state Auditor General is located at No. 20 Okon Essien street, Uyo – Akwa Ibom State



To be veritable and independent agent of review and reporting in financial management of the State Government that is responsive to the needs of the State and also keeps abreast of national and global development in public sector audit



To promote accountability, provide quality audit in the public sector and ensure that public resources are applied for the purpose intended in conformity with extant rules and regulations.



Accountability and transparency are indispensable to good governance



To deliver the services listed in the charter effectively in a timely, honest, objective, fair and transparent manner without partiality, fear or favour. To ensure that commensurate value is received for every expenditure of public fund.



The office of the State Auditor-General is an extra-ministerial department of Akwa Ibom State government saddled with the constitutional responsibility of auditing the accounts of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) through the following measures:

  • Examination, certification and reporting on the accounts of Akwa Ibom State as submitted for audit by the Accountant-General.
  • Examination of records and accounts of Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs.
  • Conduct surprise audit inspections at field offices of MDAs.
  • Examination of the accounts of post primary and tertiary institutions.
  • Examination of the accounts of all High courts, Magistrates courts and customary courts.
  • Supervision of audits by private accounting firms and those of Akwa Ibom State parastatals.
  • Advise Ministries, Departments and Agencies on matters relating to financial management.
  • Processing of boards of enquiries reports on losses of government funds and stores.
  • Provision of professional assistance to the Public Accounts Committee, PAC, of the state.
  • Carrying out special audits and investigations at the request of MDAs.
  • Carrying out post pre-payment audit of the terminal benefits of all civil servants, teaching staff, etc.
  • Processing of all cases of audit alarm raised and referred to the Auditor-General for action.
  • Examination of accounts of hospitals and other health institutions owned by the state government.


The Auditor-General reports on the financial statements of the state government have been issued up to date.