Governor Emmanuel Parleys A’ibom Youths, Announces More Job Opportunities

Sunday, December 31st, 2017 | News

Governor Udom Emmanuel has assured of his readiness to open doors of employment for the second batch of 3000 qualified youths into the state civil service.

He said the head of civil service has been mandated to commence the employment process, assuring that the first batch recently employed have started receiving salaries.

Mr. Emmanuel stated this, Saturday when thousands youths from all parts of the state converged in an End of Year Get-together at the Christ the King Primary School, Uyo.

He attributed the numerous successes in the area of industrialization and other investments, to the peaceful disposition of the youths, maintaining that their support have encouraged him to focus more on governance rather than on politics.

Visibly excited by the outpour of encomiums on him from the different youth leaders, the governor said, “today, I just came to thank the youths and to reassure you I am going to work tirelessly for you. Akwa Ibom youths are the most peaceful. And this is attracting investors. I thank the youths for the peace and unity in the State.”

The governor who announced plans for more job opportunities said, “as things improve, we must provide more employment opportunities for our people.”

He announced that production lines for a plastic industry have arrived the state, and the flour mill industry which is in the works, will soon be completed.

To boost agricultural production, the Governor stated that a fertilizer blending plant will soon commence production in Abak, which will make the state one of the few states in the country, producing its own fertilizer.

He said the plastic packaging factory meant that whatever is produced in the state, can be packaged and exported within and sent to the international market.

The speaker of the state House of Assembly, among the youths who spoke earlier said Governor Emmanuel has won the youths over because of his youth -friendly disposition.

Citing his emergence as Speaker, and the appointment several other youths in most positions of authority, Speaker Luke announced the resolve of the youths of the state to endorse Governor Udom Emmanuel as their sole candidate in the 2019 gubernatorial election.


Live Streaming: Akwa Ibom Youth End of the Year Get together with the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel at Christ the King Primary School, Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo.


“We are ready to drop our last blood at our polling units to defend our votes and I want Abuja to know that we are not intimated by any acclaimed federal might.”

The speaker noted that the peaceful nature of youths in the state should be recognized and rewarded by the federal government.

“The Governor has mobilized us to be peaceful. We have not disrupted the flow and production of oil in our backyard, that is why we have had money that has been able to go into our excess crude oil account.”

The speaker opined that, “if we are taking $1bn to fight insecurity and Boko Haram insurgency, we are not quarrelling with that. We are saying let the Federal Government recognize that it is good to be peaceful. If we are peaceful, they should not take us for granted.”

“We, the youths of Akwa Ibom, are demanding from the Federal Government and appealing to His Excellency, the President, that let our dues, let that same amount taken from the excess crude account be shared to respective States that are peaceful.”

“The Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, when it reconvenes in January, is going to pass a resolution that before you take any money belonging to our State, you must consult and get the resolution of the House of Assembly. So our resolution will be that the N1bn dollar be given to people that are peaceful.”

The commissioner for Youth and Sports Monday Ebong Uko warned some politicians against acts capable of dividing the youths and assured that youths will remain supportive of the Governor’s development strides.

Several youth leaders also routed support for the governor’s re-election.

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