Gov Emmanuel Swears-in 5 New Perm Secs

Saturday, March 17th, 2018 | News

By Ima Akpabio

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel, has sworn in five new Permanent Secretaries into the State Civil Service.

Administering the Oath of Office at the Executive Council Chambers, Government House, Uyo, on Friday, Governor Emmanuel charged the newly sworn-in permanent secretaries to justify their elevation to the highest level in the civil service by showing diligence and high sense of probity in carrying out their responsibilities.

He added, “You must be as harmless as possible, and then wisdom is what you need to apply where you are working as civil servants.”

Gov Emmanuel also charged them on the need to be tolerant, saying, “you must have a large heart for you to be a leader. People will abuse you, say all kinds of things that you don’t even know about. They won’t see what you are seeing neither will they reason the way you reason. They will lie against you, but you must have a large heart to accommodate them all.”

The Governor also identified greed and indiscipline as some of the few things that can cause people to derail from their career path and reaching their goals, explaining that people don’t want to go to work while others don’t believe they can go to work on time. “Going to work and keeping to time is part of discipline. As a leader, let people have something to copy from you. Determination is victory. Determine to succeed, create impact and make things change”.

Governor Emmanuel urged the Permanent Secretaries to always collaborate with commissioners of their respective ministries in the implementation of government policies, and warned them to eschew all forms of nepotism and work for the progress of the state, stressing that he is not creating permanent secretaries to fight with commissioners but to work together and achieve the same goal.

While congratulating the Permanent Secretaries on their merited elevation, he stated that there was vacancy for only four but he had to appoint five because he was impressed at the performance of the five people, describing the position of Permanent Secretary as an appointment and not a promotion.

Governor Emmanuel further stated, “This exercise is as transparent as possible. I’m not sure any of them has my phone number let alone talk to me. Their qualification is purely on merit, and it will continue that way so that people who don’t have stakeholders to talk on their behalf will also have opportunity to become permanent secretaries on merit.

“I’m one human being that had never sat where somebody’s right is denied. So irrespective of your tribe or anything, once you are qualified, you become a Permanent Secretary but you must pass my interview.

“I heard a lot of things after the interview, and some people sent major stakeholders to talk to me. I dismissed them in a very polite manner. When it comes to politics, I’m a student and everybody is a professor. But when it comes to a career path, I think that is where I am a professor and every other person becomes a student.”

The State Governor used the opportunity and warned people not to send anybody to lobby him for Permanent Secretary or any appointment except they want to be disqualified. According to him, “Once you lobby me, you’ll be disqualified. I don’t need to know your face. I try as much as practically possible to balance it across the 31 local government areas. You could see someone who could have been a Permanent Secretary being a Director. It won’t be nice for all permanent secretaries to come from one local government area.

“So in getting that appointment done, I tried to make sure that I spread it across. But where nobody is qualified, nobody is qualified. I can’t raise somebody from the university overnight and make the person a director, the Governor warned.

Admonishing them to be up and doing, Gov Emmanuel said “I do not hesitate to sanction people who do not live up to expectation. You will be my best friend if you work according to the rules, but you will be my worst enemy if you don’t leave something behind for generations to also copy. Be a mentor to people working with you and copy some traits that can actually help them to succeed.

“As you take oath of office today, every single key decision you take should be in the interest of an average Akwa Ibom person. Know that if you save certain money for me in WAEC fees, I will use that money to buy chairs for them to sit and write WAEC. That money will never be misused. So whatever money you save for me in your ministries would redeployed to other uses.”

He thanked those who have been permanent secretaries over the years and urged them to offer their wisdom, experience, knowledge and wise counsel to the newly appointed permanent secretaries, saying that they need to be guided, know certain things that will make them succeed and be beacons of light in their respective ministries, departments and agencies.

The new Permanent Secretaries are Engr. Richard Bassey, Mrs Helen Ante, Mrs Margaret Edem, Mr Mbuk Inyang and Mr. Nsudoh Samuel.

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