Commercial Transport Operators Endorse Governor Udom Emmanuel For A 2nd Tenure

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 | News

Commercial transporters on Wednesday stormed the Akwa Ibom State Government House declaring their unwavering support to the state Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel and urging him to contest for a second term come 2019.

The solidarity visit which was to specifically thank the Governor for abolishing tickets during holidays and weekends for the tricycle (Keke) operators, had in participation, Tricycle organization of Nigeria (TOAN), Keke Owners and Riders Association (KORA), National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) among others.

They expressed sincere gratitude to the Governor for giving them a considerate commissioner who is interested in the affairs of transport operators in the state. They also expressed appreciation for the massive road projects done in the state as the members of the union are direct beneficiaries of the several interventions in road construction in Akwa Ibom.

Chairman, Tricycle Owners Association of Nigeria (TOAN), Effiong Etim Effiong, said: “We are here to congratulate Governor Udom Emmanuel for giving the transport sector a vibrant leader in person of Hon. Orman Esin. I also thank the Governor for eradicating touts from the streets because in the past, the union was under bondage with exploitation, extortion being practiced.”

Responding, Governor Udom Emmanuel, cladded in his customized Dakkada crested native wear, thanked the transport Unions for coming together for a common cause and expressed the readiness of his Government to do more in the interest of Akwa Ibom people.

The Governor also used the occasion to explain his administration’s recent health insurance scheme for transporters.

“There is an insurance scheme that we are currently working on, in appreciation to you people to cover anybody in an event of an accident. Off course you can’t rule out accident even in the house.”

On the tax free holidays, he said “when the Commissioner for Transport and Petroleum Resources, Orman Esin came to me concerning you people, I asked him what you people needed. He suggested the abolishment of holidays and weekends tickets and I gave him the go-ahead. Expect something greater than that.”

Governor Emmanuel commended the transporters made up largely of tricycle riders for the large show of support to him even before his emergence as Governor.

“When I was an aspirant for the Governorship seat, you people organised yourselves, came and passed a vote of confidence and made a pronouncement that I must contest election as your Governor.”

“I want to thank you for being organised because anybody coming into the state always describe you people as being well organised, highly focused and result-oriented people.”

He maintained that, “through your formidable organization, crime rate has reduced in the state because good people are now in charge of transportation. All the complaints we used to hear are no more there.”

He thanked them on the endorsement on him, saying “it was a movement like this that spurred me into this office, and today you people have come to pass vote of confidence on me for a second term. ”

“Now that you people have given me the go-ahead, and the voice of men is the voice of God, I promise you without mincing words that under this Government, people will graduate from tricycle riders to car owners.”

Earlier the Commissioner for Transport and Petroleum Resources, Mr Orman Esin had told the Governor that the transporters were now more organized and happy with the Government for yielding to their requests.

Esin said the abolishing of ticketing on public holidays and the re-structuring in the sector had evacuated touts and hooligans who used to terrorize motorists with crude and double taxation thereby creating fear on the highways.

He said the new structure had well refined young people who have been duly screened and cleared by the security agencies and trained by the state Ministry of Transport on best practice in the compliance and monitoring unit.

The impromptu carnival witnessed victory and support songs and affirmative chants in solidarity with the Governor.

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