Akwa Ibom State Covid_19 Management Update -18

Monday, August 17th, 2020 | News

Wear your face mask, save yourself and others! Neither INFECT nor get INFECTED! LOVE YOURSELF and your NEIGHBOURS!


It was Sir Winston Churchill, a late former Prime Minister of Britain, who proclaimed that “however beautiful your strategy, you must intermittently check the result”. This disposition underpins our continuous drive to validate our strategy by checking our results in this fight against COVID-19.

Our statistics as at yesterday are:
Total tests conducted – 1721
Total number of confirmed cases – 250
Total number of recoveries – 208
Total number of active cases – 34
Total number of deaths – 8

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, has been leading the battle against the pandemic from the frontlines, which accounts for the huge support all critical pillars of this fight have received. He has spared nothing in this fight, but now is the time for individual responsibility- by maintaining high personal hygiene, keeping social distancing and proper use of face masks.

We have noticed with dismay, the manifest flouting of the regulation requiring the use of face masks. As a responsible government, we must act to curb the spread of the virus and protect our citizens and residents. To this end, the Governor has directed the State Commissioner of Police to order the monitoring teams to enforce this protocol to the letter.

We urge our citizens to take personal responsibility by properly wearing their face masks and maintaining social distancing. All citizens and residents are urged to comply with the AKSG/NCDC/WHO COVID-19 Guidelines and protocols. For emphasis, we must all note the need for:

1. Social distancing wherever people are gathered (churches, markets, schools, hotels, funerals, etc.);

2. Wearing of face masks;

3. Frequent washing of hands;

4. Use of sanitizers;

5. Report any case of high body temperature (38oC and above), frequent sneezing, frequent coughing, loss of sense of smell, frequent stooling, breathlessness, etc. to the Isolation Centre in Ituk Mbang General Hospital or to the nearest medical facility;

6. Isolation Centre Hotlines: 0800–AKSMOH, 0800 – 0275664, 0818–941–1111, 0904–557–5515 and 070-521-1919.

We plead with members of the press to help spread this message. Please wear a mask, save yourself and others.

Thank you.

Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem
Secretary to State Government & Chairman,
COVID-19 Management Committee


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